Chamber of Echoes have teamed up with C.A.R.L Productions for their upcoming music video. 

Chamber of Echoes has partnered with C.A.R.L. Productions, a creative collective born in 2014, based in Italy & Moldova. They are currently working on a music video for COE's upcoming single "Under A Carbon Sky". They are active on all fronts and all aspects of Visual Art, from music videos and 3D animation, to interactive visuals and illustration. 

Set in the year 2084, "Under A Carbon Sky" will be a fully 3D animated music video, in a near future that is dystopian and cyber-like.  Themes of artificial intelligence, consciousness, alternate timelines and salvation will be scattered throughout. Check out some of the concept art:

Find out more about C.A.R.L. Productions' work by watching their video for "Dimension":